One of Headspace Sprockets, LLC. core offerings is the extensible Idea Positioning System (x-IPS).  Like a Global Positioning System that triangulates the location of an object’s coordinates in a multi-dimensional space, the x-IPS uses terms, concepts, and relationships to classify and trace the axis of ideas throughout a corpus, a library or a big data set. 

We identify, analyze and generate natural language using techniques that depart significantly from “text analytics” companies.  We have an engine for representing and reasoning about linguistic knowledge that enables deep comprehension of language.  It does this by having a large amount of knowledge encoded at all layers of language processing: morphology, naming, multi-word constructions including idioms, phrase structure, sentence structure, and context structure. 

We use our poly-ontology approach to represent huge vocabularies.  The system is extensible because it generates suggestions for evolving its dictionaries and taxonomies so users can modify them appropriately to improve search and classification results.