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I respect your privacy. This site does not collect personally identifiable information about you unless you voluntarily provide it, such as when you provide email contact information to communicate with me or register to provide comments. If you voluntarily provide your email address or other contact information, I will share this information with my company, Headspace Sprockets, LLC.  Either I or Headspace Sprockets might use it to inform you of changes to this site or the company's sites, about company related events and news, and to survey you about your use or opinions relevant to this site and its topics and content. At your request, we will remove your contact information from our files.

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In addition to the above, I collect certain anonymous (non-personally identifiable) information to help me improve the web site and to evaluate the access and use of materials.

  • I collect information you provide about your use of and satisfaction with the site through email you send me, through the feedback form, and through surveys, whether or not you voluntarily include your contact information.
  • I may use web analysis tools that are built into the web site to measure and collect anonymous session information.
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Copyright Notice

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My interpretation of "Non-commercial" use of SITE materials

Non-commercial use means that users may not sell, profit from, or commercialize materials on this site ("MATERIALS") or works derived from them. The guidelines below are intended to help users determine whether or not their use of MATERIALS would be permitted by Peter Gabel under the "non-commercial" restriction. Note that there are additional requirements (attribution and no derivitive works) spelled out in our Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License,

  1. Commercialization is prohibited. Users may not directly sell or profit from MATERIALS or from works derived from MATERIALS.

    Example: A commercial education or training business may not offer courses based on SITE materials if students pay a fee for those courses and the business intends to profit as a result.

  2. Determination of commercial vs. non-commercial purpose is based on the use, not the user. MATERIALS may be used by individuals, institutions, governments, corporations, or other business whether for-profit or non-profit so long as the use itself is not a commercialization of the materials or a use that is directly intended to generate sales or profit.

    Example: A corporation may use MATERIALS for internal professional development and training purposes or as reference materials used in the course of development of products not including the materials.

If you have questions about acceptable use of MATERIALS, please contact me.